Throughout my tenure as a preschool director, I often felt like preschool ministry was not regarded as important as other phases in our NextGen ministry, as if all the phases were on a hierarchy and preschool happened to fall at the bottom. As a preschool leader, you have to be the one to champion and communicate with not only small group leaders and parents but also staff on why the preschool phase is unique and vital.

But, do you know why preschool ministry important?

1. We are building a foundation.
Sure, we all love the big game where a team makes stellar plays to when the game. What may not be as memorable is the all the practices and the training that it took to get to the big game. These are the moments that built the foundation of the team. 

This same principle rings true in preschool ministry. During the preschool years, we are building foundational truths into our preschoolers, so when they are old enough, they can fully grasp the weight and wonder of salvation. 

2. Preschoolers learn more in the first five years of their life than any other time.
86% of brain growth that occurs after birth happens in the first five years of life. Never underestimate what a preschooler can learn. These are impressionable years! 

3. Preschool sets the tone for a family’s journey throughout your NextGen ministry.
What a family experiences in preschool can have a positive or negative effect on how they view your entire NextGen ministry. When you can provide a safe, engaging environment for their preschooler, trust develops.

4. When people have children, they are willing to give the church a chance.
I can’t tell you how many unchurched and de-churched people I’ve seen come through the doors of our preschool ministry, because of the significant life change of parenting. When parents have a baby, they often realize how much help they need. I know I did. All my preconceived notions I had about raising kids, went out the door when I had to actually put it into action. As a preschool ministry, you can be a voice in their parenting journey.

5. You’re not only shaping the lives of preschoolers, but you’re also shaping the lives of middle schoolers and high schoolers.
Some of the best small group leaders I have been in middle school and high school. When you speak to your volunteer team the importance of investing in kids, you’re helping your student volunteers put discipleship into motion. When students serve, their faith is realized.

What are other reasons you feel like preschool ministry is important?