You’re a few days away from an event, and it seems like you have three weeks worth of work left to do. To top it all off your pastor has sent you an email asking you to help with another project. Oh, and don’t forget Sunday’s coming with its own to do list.

Sound familiar?

I felt like this was my story when I first took my role as preschool director. A few months into the job, I got some incredible advice to create a team to come alongside me to help me lead – a preschool leadership team. This team was a game changer for my ministry and me. And just like I was encouraged to create one years ago, I want to encourage you to do the same. Here are three reasons why.

You don’t have to lead alone. Ministry is tough, but even more so when you feel like you’re going at it alone. When I first become a preschool director, I thought it was a sign of strength that I could handle things on my own. What I soon realized is that this was a recipe for burnout. Leading doesn’t have to be lonely.

A leadership team creates more capacity for your ministry. We can get so busy working in the ministry, that we don’t have time to work on the ministry. Before we established a preschool leadership team, I was constantly tending to the ministry’s checklist. I had no time to think strategically about the future. By creating a group of people to come alongside preschool ministry, they helped to shoulder the responsibility of leading.

You create vision casters. There is only one you. It’a hard to spread the message about what an awesome phase preschool ministry is when you’re the only saying it! When you multiply the number of people who are passionately excited about what’s taking place in your ministry, you multiply your message’s reach.

In the coming weeks, I want to dig into who you’re going to want on your team, what your team’s responsibilities are, and how to structure your leadership team meeting. 

What about you? Do you have a team of people helping you to lead?