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Author: Kelly Stockdale

Creating a Memorable Baby Dedication Event

One of the most underrated tools for reaching families today is the baby dedication event. It’s your chance to cast a vision for what the partnership between a family and the church will look like as families travel through your NextGen ministry from cradle to college. There is no better time to get a family integrated and bought into your ministry than when they dedicate their child. When you expand baby dedication from a brief moment that happens on a Sunday morning to its own event, you create an experience for a family that will be impactful and memorable. While...

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Creating a Preschool Leadership Team: The Agenda

You’ve got your leadership team meeting set. Now what? One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years of leading meetings is to be prepared. Come to every meeting like it’s your first meeting. Many times I have been complacent in my approach to a meeting, and it shows by my lack of preparation. People’s time is their most precious asset. Don’t waste it. Create an agenda that you send your team ahead of time and make sure you stick to it. What’s on your agenda? A great way to start your leadership team is to have a...

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Creating a Preschool Leadership Team Meeting: Roles and Responsibilities

You’ve put together what you know is going to be a fabulous preschool leadership team. Now the question becomes, “What will they do?” I narrowed our preschool leadership team’s roles and responsibilities down to 3 functions. Evaluate As a preschool leadership team, we are always evaluating. Some items of those items we assess are our environments, curriculum, volunteers, and resources. We ask the questions of what’s working well and what’s not working well. Opening yourself and your ministry up to feedback to a highly invested team makes you a better leader. In the next post, we’ll walk through a method...

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Creating a Preschool Leadership Team: Assembling the Team

You recognize the value of creating a preschool leadership team, but who are the people that will make up this team?  A temptation of mine in the past is to put all my friends on the team, but really I need to put the best people on the team. Putting the best people on your team creates the best outcome for your ministry.  Here are a few types of people I look for when assembling a preschool leadership team.  Influencers There are certain people in your ministry that when they speak, people listen. Their opinion carries weight with others....

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Redefining Preschool Ministry

A few months ago some friends and I were discussing how preschool ministry leaders were such a unique group. Many of these leaders got their start as an awesome volunteer who then transitioned to a church staff. This is my story. I started as a volunteer who was helping in a church plant to get the preschool ministry off the ground. After several months, I had the opportunity to come on staff as the preschool director. I had no formal training or experience. After researching and visiting other churches, attending conferences, and developing relationships with phenomenal leaders, I started...

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