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Author: Kelly Stockdale

Creating a Preschool Leadership Team: Why is it Important?

You’re a few days away from an event, and it seems like you have three weeks worth of work left to do. To top it all off your pastor has sent you an email asking you to help with another project. Oh, and don’t forget Sunday’s coming with its own to do list. Sound familiar? I felt like this was my story when I first took my role as preschool director. A few months into the job, I got some incredible advice to create a team to come alongside me to help me lead – a preschool leadership team....

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The Orange Conference is a Must-Do

The Orange Conference is a must-do on my calendar every year. From the moment I attended seven years ago, I was hooked. Here are a few reasons I love attending Orange Conference every year. Relevant Content. I love that every year the Orange Conference brings content that addresses the issues that churches and families are dealing with in their communities. Networking. I have met some of the best and brightest people at this conference. From Orange staffers to fellow church ministry leaders, these people are my allies and friends. Resources. I love getting to see all the new resources...

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Processing Criticism

Two of my kids default to anger with they get embarrassed. Usually, this occurs when someone criticizes them in some way. Embarrassment ensues, and the follow-up emotion is anger. Although this is certainly not the way I want my children to behave, I can understand why they feel that way. I know when I feel criticized I can feel shame or embarrassment at the fact that I got it wrong. Then, before I know it I’m angry because I don’t want to feel this way. I want to finger point at others and all the things they didn’t do...

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Why is Preschool Ministry Important?

Throughout my tenure as a preschool director, I often felt like preschool ministry was not regarded as important as other phases in our NextGen ministry, as if all the phases were on a hierarchy and preschool happened to fall at the bottom. As a preschool leader, you have to be the one to champion and communicate with not only small group leaders and parents but also staff on why the preschool phase is unique and vital. But, do you know why preschool ministry important? 1. We are building a foundation. Sure, we all love the big game where a...

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