You recognize the value of creating a preschool leadership team, but who are the people that will make up this team? 

A temptation of mine in the past is to put all my friends on the team, but really I need to put the best people on the team. Putting the best people on your team creates the best outcome for your ministry. 

Here are a few types of people I look for when assembling a preschool leadership team. 

There are certain people in your ministry that when they speak, people listen. Their opinion carries weight with others. Those are the people I want as my vision casters. 

This can also be an opportunity to put an influencer on your team who may not be completely on board with the direction and vision of your ministry.  When you do this, you have the chance to bring along someone into the process of developing and creating in preschool ministry. If they are able to engage them, they are able to influence people in their circle of leadership. A disclaimer to this is that it can be a risk, one definitely worth evaluating. 

Committed Volunteers
We all have people in our ministry area that seem to go the extra mile. They’re small group leaders who don’t punch out when small group is over. It’s a volunteer who consistently asks you how they can help. It’s the people who step up and lead out when you need them to do so.

When you add parents with preschoolers to your leadership team, you gain insight into how your environments and resources translate to your audience. Adding preschool parents to your team will help you evaluate if your ministry is being effective.

People with different talents and personalities
Type As, creatives, systems people, introverts, and extroverts – they’re all needed around the table. If you surround yourself with only with people who think like you, you’ll find yourself with a one-dimensional ministry. Assemble people who represent different viewpoints.

When asking people to join your preschool leadership team, create a short-term time commitment. Asking someone to be on your team indefinitely without knowing if they’re the right fit for the team, can be a disaster waiting to happen. 

In the next post, we’ll dig into the roles and responsibilities of a preschool leadership team.

What kind of people do you look for when creating a leadership team?\

*This is Part 2 in a 4-part series on Creating a Preschool Leadership Team.