You’ve got your leadership team meeting set. Now what?

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the years of leading meetings is to be prepared. Come to every meeting like it’s your first meeting. Many times I have been complacent in my approach to a meeting, and it shows by my lack of preparation. People’s time is their most precious asset. Don’t waste it. Create an agenda that you send your team ahead of time and make sure you stick to it.

What’s on your agenda?

A great way to start your leadership team is to have a time of celebrating the wins your ministry. Ask the question, “Where have we seen God at work in our preschool ministry?” This is a great time to surface stories to relay back to your NextGen staff, your church staff, or even to your volunteers. Hearing stories of God moving in kids and their families remind your leadership team that what they do matters!

Next, we move to a time of evaluation. We continuously evaluate our environments, curriculum, volunteers, resources, and events. We use the method of Keep, Start, Stop.

What do we need to KEEP doing?

What do we need to START doing?

What do we need to STOP doing?

Then, we move on to discuss the items we need to plan. We consider the event/initiative in detail, and from there we create action steps to execute our plan. We assign the actions steps to certain people on the leadership team.

Lastly, we end the time in prayer. We discuss (in confidence) any prayer requests from volunteers and families in our ministry.

To receive your own customizable Preschool Leadership Team agenda, check out our resource page.

What’s on your Preschool Leadership Team agenda?

*This is Part 4 in a 4-part series on Creating a Preschool Leadership Team.