A few months ago some friends and I were discussing how preschool ministry leaders were such a unique group. Many of these leaders got their start as an awesome volunteer who then transitioned to a church staff.

This is my story. I started as a volunteer who was helping in a church plant to get the preschool ministry off the ground. After several months, I had the opportunity to come on staff as the preschool director. I had no formal training or experience. After researching and visiting other churches, attending conferences, and developing relationships with phenomenal leaders, I started to feel like I was beginning to get my feet underneath me in ministry.

Kenny Conley, Erin English, and I wanted to create a space for preschool leaders who are in the same boat. We wanted to create a space that’s just for preschool leaders and the distinct challenges they face. That’s why we created this website, preschoolministryleader.com.

We could not be more excited about the next phase we’re introducing in helping preschool leaders.

Preschoolministryleader.com in partnership with Ministry Boost will be offering an 8-week course for preschool leaders. Redefining Preschool Ministry was created to help Preschool Directors redefine and reinvent their preschool ministry. Most preschool ministries fit typical stereotypes. They tend to be outdated (little has changed in the last decade), short on volunteers and lacking in energy and excitement. It’s time to take a new approach to preschool ministry, a fresh start to possibly the most critical ministry in your church. This group course is a combination of teaching content, group conversations, and shared resources that all work together to help you recreate preschool for your families. Over 8 weeks we’ll look at redefining your philosophy and strategy, the role of the preschool leader, preschool volunteer roles, volunteer recruitment and care, preschool curriculum and environments, preschool events, our relationship with parents, and what’s next. There will be so much goodness packed into those weeks.

Registration is open for the Redefining Preschool Ministry course now through September 27. Investing in yourself and your ministry is important, and this is an easy, accessible way to do so. We hope you’ll join us!

And then lastly, we’ve also created a Facebook group for our preschool tribe to connect with each other. Join us in the conversation we’re having over there, and be sure to invite your ministry friends!