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Author: Kenny Conley

Why Orange?

I just arrived in Atlanta and I’m preparing for a very busy week at the 2018 Orange Conference. This year will be my 11th Orange Conference. I attended for the first time in 2008 and I just keep coming back for more each and every year. I’ve been asked before, “Why Orange?” I know people who mix it up and attend different conferences every year (I’ve actually been blessed with the opportunity to attend and speak and many different ministry conferences). They ask, “why do you keep coming back to the same conference each and every year. Why Orange?” It’s...

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Why you need to STOP using teenagers

Wait? Am I supposed to use teenagers in my ministry or not? Am I confusing you? Let me clarify. Our preschool ministry should be BRIMMING with teenage volunteers. Preschool is an AMAZING place to serve. Unfortunately, children’s ministry has a reputation of USING teenage volunteers. Kidmin often has a weird relationship with teenagers. Many teenagers are irresponsible Many teenagers are undependable Maby teenagers are just as much work as the kids they’re supposed to serve I know many leaders who avoid using them if at all possible, but that’s better said than done. We need them. We need them to...

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Why you need to START using teenagers

Every now and again, I run across an online ministry discussion and I’ll see someone ask the question, “should I used teenagers to volunteer in my preschool ministry?” Just in case you’ve asked the question, let me give you my answer. YYYYYEEEEEESSSSSS! I hope that’s a clear enough answer. I honestly try to imagine a preschool without teenage volunteers and I have a difficult time visualizing what that looks like. Looking at my current preschool (3’s-5’s) volunteer roster, I have 76 volunteers, 49 of them are teenagers. That’s 65% of my volunteers are younger than 18. If I’m being...

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