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Preschool ministry. It isn’t for the faint of heart.

Is it us, or is this one of the most DIFFICULT ministries in the church?

No other ministry requires:

  • as many volunteers
  • as many supplies
  • as many individual spaces
  • as many details for a successful weekend
  • as much attention.

And yet, the preschool ministry remains one of the most IMPORTANT ministries of the church.

  • A person’s first impressions of God are often found in a preschool environment.
  • A person’s first experience with a Bible is often in a preschool environment.
  • A person’s first scripture committed to memory is in a preschool environment.
  • A person’s first memory of spiritual investment is in a preschool environment.

Preschool is more than diapers and goldfish. It’s greater than crafts and silly songs.

What happens in often tucked away corners of the church is something significant that often won’t show it impacts for a decade or more. Studies say that more than 80% of evangelical believers choose to follow Jesus between the ages of 4 and 14. We believe that what happens in the preschool age lays a solid foundation for authentic and life-giving faith.

This is why preschool matters so much.

Because so much is riding on this small window of time, leadership matters. Creativity matters. Innovation matters.

Everything is riding on the PRESCHOOL MINISTRY LEADER.

This site exists:

  • to EQUIP the preschool ministry leader
  • to INSPIRE the preschool ministry leader
  • to CONNECT the preschool ministry leader

If you serve in a church ministry, this site is for you. Welcome to your new family!












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