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Author: Erin English

Bare-Naked Classrooms

  In my tenure as a kids ministry leader at our church, we’ve seen a lot of changes. Whether it was a new building, new curriculum, or even new paint color, there’s been one seemingly insignificant small shift that ended up making the most significant impact: Bare-Naked Classrooms. In our Early Childhood Ministry, we’d always strived to make our classroom spaces exciting and inviting with kid-friendly toys and home living spaces. They’ve since endured endless hours of creative play from our little ones. There was enough “STUFF” in our classrooms that if we added not a drop of curriculum...

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Why I Keep Coming Back

It’s that special time of year again! ORANGE CONFERENCE! What is Orange? In short, it’s a philosophy; the belief that the combined effort of the family (red) + the Church (yellow) will have a greater impact on the heart of a child than either could alone. (ORANGE!) The Orange Conference is a gathering of NextGen Leaders from around the world who believe deeply in this philosophy and are hungry to learn new or fresh ideas on how to partner with parents, equip leaders, and disciple kids. Besides being both relevant and practical, Orange conference is also a ton of...

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Difficult Conversations

What are they? When is it time to have one? How can we avoid them? The last question was a trick question. The fact is, they shouldn’t be avoided. I’m not suggesting you look for a bone to pick with everyone, nor am I suggesting that you entertain every critical person you cross paths with. But in my experience, difficult conversations are nothing more than a dialogue that takes place around a conflict or tension of some sort. And if you’re in relationship with another person, there is bound to be conflict. We all see the world through a...

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I Need More Volunteers!

Preschool ministry in the local church is probably the most influential mission field in the world. You’ve heard the statistics. This is a really big deal. Understanding this is key, especially when you’re recruiting. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of something like that? But what if there is something else to consider? Sure, your preschool ministry is a fun, safe, engaging place for little ones to learn about Jesus while parents engage in their adult worship experience. However, what about the life-changing ministry that happens with each adult in the room as well? If you’ve been working...

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